TM “EcoGran” is a modern, fast growing producer of granulated organic fertilizer based on chicken manure of high quality and environmental safety.

The company has unique and innovative production technologies.

The main principles of work are high professionalism, responsibility to each client and reliability of the guaranteed result.

Having our own factory with a production capacity of up to 90 tons per month we can meet the needs of every client and fulfill an order of any complexity using industrial packaging – big bags: 1 ton 500 kg, 850 kg which are convenient for any kind of transportation.

We also produce the bags of a smaller volume – 5kg, 15kg, 25kg.

TM “EcoGran” provides services privat label (branding under your trademark).

The presence of stock remains allows timely and qualitative provide the client with the product within the set deadlines.

We work throughout Ukraine, as well as with foreign countries (exports).



The natural and effective fertilizer “EcoGran” produced by our company gives a 20% – 40% yield increase and is characterized by its balanced content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and does not require any additional mineral fertilizers.

It is very important that nutrients processed by special cultures of microorganisms are completely absorbed by plants (up to 95%) (from mineral fertilizers the plants absorb 5-15% of nutrients);

There are numbers of other advantages:

  • Contains all nutrients necessary for plants, stimulating their development, organic substances and microelements;
  • Low application dose;
  • Simple application technology;
  • No weed seeds;
  • Accelerates fruit ripening up to 10-15 days;
  • According to the nitrate-containing these products are environmentally friendly;
  • No synthetic components and salts of heavy metals;
  • Produced in the form of crushed, dried organic mass;
  • No harmful effect on the human body while skin contact;
  • Elimination of the mold appearance on the surface of the soil;
  • Increases the resistance of plants to bacterial and fungal diseases (late blight, scab, root rots, fusariosis, etc.);
  • Optimization of moisture and water supply;
  • Resoiling of the optimum acidity of soils;
  • Helps to tolerate the periods of forced drought;
  • Not toxic, not flammable, no caking;
  • Refines the soil structure and increases its fertility for a long period (up to 3 years);
  • Resoiling of the humus layer;
  • Provides a balanced nutrition of all crops and creates conditions for obtaining of environmentally friendly products;

TM “EcoGran” strives to be the best in its field,

that’s why it uses in its work only high-quality products that meet

all the world requirements and environmental standards.

Our motto is high quality, reliable guarantees and stability of results!



Our production technology involves the preliminary aeration, litter cleaning, application of a highly effective enzyme, heat treatment, drying, followed by following granulation up to diameter of 6 mm. (TU U 20.1-32904442-001: 2015).
The applied enzyme is an innovative and unique development of Ukrainian scientists and has been successfully tested in Ukraine, European and Arab countries.

The enzyme is a stimulant for the accelerated decomposition of organic matter to humus mass, during processing of litter, compost, etc. Also, the enzyme contains special additives to improve the growth of bacteria in the soils into which it is applied. As a result, our unique organic fertilizer provides an increase of crop yield, restores and enhances the fertility of any soils, contributes to humus formation.

Methods of fertilizers applying

It is possible to apply fertilizer simultaneously with sowing, both cereals and tilled crops, using seeders equipped with pneumatic transport with large coils.

For the main application of granules to the soil, any technique designed for surface spreading and distribution of granular, solid, both organic and mineral fertilizers, can be used.

Recommended rates for organic fertilizer application

(granulated chicken manure) for agricultural crops:

Agriculture Normal kg / 100 square meters Period of application
Cereal and technical 7-8 During arable land
Bulbous plants 10 Before landing
Potatoes and onions 8-12 Before landing
Vegetables 17-20 Before landing
Strawberry 15-17 in spring
Fruit trees and shrubs when planting 1/seedling 0,5 kg to the bottom of the pit, the remainder with the ground
Fruit trees and fruiting shrubs 15 Springtime under a tree
Flowers 12 Before planting (in spring / autumn)
Lawn, pasture when laying 10 Before planting every 8-10 weeks
Lawn, pasture when laying 10 Before sowing
Fruit grapes 10 In autumn after harvest, in the spring before flowering
Grapes planting 10 Before planting, directly in the harrow

*Нормы внесения являются ориентировочными и относятся к грунтам с нормальными показателями.

Description of the technological process.

  1. Removal of litter from the poultry house and transportation to the place of pre-storage and processing.
  2. Processing of the litter with the water solution of the enzyme preparation (complex of enzymes) and additional components accelerating the fermentation process. Enzyme preparation is non-toxic, harmless to humans and animals, accompanied by a safety data sheet.
  1. Thorough mixing takes place at the mixing station and is stored on the pre-storage by the flow method. Structuring and reducing of odor are observed after about 12-18 hours. The release of ammonia nitrogen decreases.
  2. The prepared raw material (raw chicken litter) is conveyed to a drum-type reactor for high-temperature processing and drying, where the urine fog is formed accompanied by a series of chemical reactions characterized by complete separation of water, fixation of nitrogen, followed by oxidation to nitrate, formation of mineral salts and humic compounds.
  3. Cooling and crushing of dry material to a fraction of 2-3 mm in the crushing complex (if necessary).
  4. The dry fraction enters the granulation section (6 mm) and is conveyed to a cooling station with a vibration table to separate the scrap and screes.
  5. The finished fertilizer is conveyed to the packing line. Packing of fertilizer in bags weighing 25 kg and container (big bag) of 1.0 ton.
  6. The dust released during the processing passes through the dust-gas cleaning system, which ensures environmental safety of the technology.

All parameters of the technological process are controlled by the operator.